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"Make me Smile Festival" - A project for heart and soul

The idea to plan an event was in my head for a long time. I always wanted to do a kind of Festival with some or all of the amazing artists I’ve already worked with/for. But there’s a reason noone has ever heard about the Festival: I didn’t do it. Until early summer 2012, when the idea came up again and i decided this time i didn’t want it to get lost again. So the logical next step is to tell friends about it and ask for their help. In this case – frankly – a network of creative professionals as well as business knowledge is not the worst thing to have. Mostly later Vice Project Executive Luke forced the decision to either do it the best way we can or not do it at all.

Knowing that realizing this project would clearly need lots of people involved and engaged for its cause. And to me, “promoting a graphics designer”, doesn’t sound legit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against commercial promotion events, but I couldn’t expect getting people into that project with all their heart and creative spirit. So I decided to do the whole project as a charity project. We didn’t have to search a long time for a project I loved from the first time I heard about it and would love to support. Make me Smile Kenya, a NGO founded by Maximilian Ullrich, taking care of more than 3000 orphans and vulnerable children in western Kenya it was. I couldn’t imagine a better cause. And neither did all the people working on the success of the project, including all the people showing up at the festival and supporting the cause with their entry.

The whole project was really straight forward, we instantly started producing a first teaser we wanted to spread online via facebook and youtube. We started flyering the event already in summer, without artists, just presenting our cause and a sketchy idea of how the festival’s gonna be. People started to join us on Facebook and over time we revealed our artists and whole festival program. When everything was revealed online late fall, we started to spread flyers again. This time of course with the whole Line-Up! The festival took place on 8th of december 2012, more than 1300€ have been raised and are now directly used to fund beautiful projects in Kenya.

Learn more about Make me Smile Kenya here

Learn more about the Make me Smile Festival here

The first teaser to the festival. founder Tom initiated the project and did
all the project management together with the festival team.

I just started to work myself into After Effects a bit. This trailer is my first work. Did all the picture and text animations and graphics of course. Multimedication…wait, what?

The first output of our festival video team. To get this done in time, i had to cut it myself together with recording artist Goldi. We released this as a little teaser to the aftermovie and as a christmas gift for the audience.

1 year of layouting

Since 2012, we’re responsible for the layout of the branche mags “Keramische Rundschau”, “Fliesen im Objekt” and “Feuer & Flamme”. We did a complete relaunch of the consumer-mag “Feuer & Flamme” with an all new layout.


Goldi's dubplate

Thanks to german recording artist Goldi for this exclusive song for